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Redfern Flowers

Want fresh and fabulous flowers in Redfern? Sarah’s Flowers can deliver them today.

It’s fair to say Redfern has a somewhat chequered past but we absolutely love it. Not only is it close to Sydney’s CBD, being a mere 3km south, it’s populated with friendly locals who enjoy some of the best pubs in the city. Fancy a cold one at the Woolpack? It isn’t just the watering holes that a superior. Sarah’s Flowers is the premium Redfern florist and the one to choose when you want flowers that are nothing short of sensational. Leave humdrum and average to the others and head straight to Sarah’s Flowers for the best flowers in town. Sydney’s Flower Market is the envy of florists around the world and we make full use of having it on our doorstep. Between regular trips there and deliveries from the city’s leading suppliers, we always have fresh and fabulous flowers available for same day delivery, six days a week. When you order an arrangement you can be certain that it will get made up on the day you've requested it, minimising the time it spends in transit, meaning your lucky recipient is getting maximum longevity. All our florists are expertly trained and accredited so you can trust they’ll make your flowers look even more breathtaking than nature intended. It takes more than pretty flowers to make a great florist which is why when you choose Sarah’s Flowers you’ll also get customer service, great value for money, flexible ordering, and delivery you can rely on.

There are dozens - hundreds - of reasons you could need flower delivery to Redfern. You accidentally broke your mum’s heirloom vase (we have lovely ones to replace it with); it’s your anniversary or Valentine’s Day and you want to show your missus you’re grateful every day you’re together; your sister has just had a new baby and you’re angling for a position at the top of the godparent’s list; your granny, who lives in another state, is in hospital and you want to send a get well gift from her favourite grandchild; or you need a bouquet to present to your mum for helping you organise your engagement party. One thing all these events has in common is that they are about showing love and affection. Flowers are more eloquent at expressing these emotions than a Shakespearean sonnet, or even One Direction song lyrics. It doesn’t matter if you’re normally the sort of person who gets tongue tied ordering from the drive-thru, a bouquet of our Redfern roses will say everything you need it to with undisputable clarity.

When you want the best flowers fast, just get in touch by 2pm (10am on Saturday) and we can deliver them that day. It doesn’t have to be done at the last minute because we can take your order up to twelve months in advance. Finally! A way of sorting all your gift shopping at your own pace. Settle down with a drink in your favourite chair and let us know online, via our mobile site, or by calling us directly on the number above. It doesn’t matter how you get in touch, you’ll always have our promise to deliver a stellar bouquet of the Redfern’s most awesome and affordable flowers.

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